Fear Free Methods

To make our animal hospital in Kenosha truly welcoming and accommodating to pets, our veterinarians and team members use Fear Free treatment methods as part of our everyday practice. Creating a less stressful environment for dogs and cats requires taking special steps to reduce factors that could trigger anxiety and fearfulness. This includes certain sounds, smells, sights, and surfaces.

By reducing fear in our patients, we can make vet visits easier for them. This means that they can receive much-needed care and experience a closer, longer-lasting bond with their family.

Wonderful, caring humans who treated my beloved cat as though she were their own… not only were her health concerns attended to? Every effort was made to bond with and show affection to my cat.”

– Amy D.


Sometimes, the process of getting your pet to the vet seems impossible. Luckily, there are lots of things you can do to make their trip less difficult. Take a look at our Fear Free Transport tips for dogs and cats!


The less fearful your pet is when they see us, the more receptive they are to important treatments. For happier, healthier pets, our team:

  • Is attentive to your pet’s temperament and how they respond to various sights, smells, and sounds in their environment so they can tailor your pet’s treatment accordingly
  • Uses treats to keep pets occupied during treatment (so make sure your pet sees us with an appetite)
  • Will examine patients in locations where they feel most secure. This can include your lap, on the floor, or in their carrier
  • Uses dog and cat pheromones on blankets and in diffusers in exam rooms to help animals relax
  • Minimizes loud, abrupt noises whenever possible such as slamming doors/drawers, loud talking, etc.
  • Practices handling techniques that require less restraint


Visit fearfreepets.com to learn more about the Fear Free initiative and how it benefits pets and their families. You can also call us at (262) 652-4266 if you need help caring for your anxious pet.

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