Dr. Amelia Barron

Dr. Amelia Barron, despite loving agriculture and the outdoors, is a Chicagoan at heart! She grew up in the northern suburbs. Since a young age she always had an interest in animals, specifically horses and livestock. She obtained her Bachelors in Animal Science at the University of Illinois, where she thought she wanted to pursue becoming a large animal veterinarian.

After her undergraduate education, she went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison for veterinary school where her strongest interest was still in large animal medicine. It wasn’t until her final year of veterinary school where she decided she fit mostly within the realm of small animal general practice. She loves the client interaction that general practice offers, and she loves the variety of animals, clients, and cases that it allows. Her favorite aspect of the field of veterinary medicine is certainly client communication and getting to interact with all sorts of people.

Recently, Dr. Barron has become very interested in integrative medicine and finding alternative for healing and treating a variety of diseases. She recently became certified in veterinary acupuncture, and hopes that it is a service that she can provide to help many animals in the future. She finds Traditional Chinese Medicine to be fascinating in its realm of diseases it can treat and has loved seeing how effective it can be in improving an animal’s quality of life.

Dr. Barron is married to her husband, Elias, and they have two cats as of now. In her free time she enjoys any form of botany and any outdoor activity. She also loves to cook, as she loves foods filled with strong flavors, spices (and especially garlic). One day she hopes to have a hobby farm filled with all sorts of plants, horses, and many other creatures great and small.


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