Complete Pet Diagnostics in Kenosha, WI

Without pet diagnostics, we would not be able to detect illness and infection in its early stages. Having the latest imaging and testing technology on hand allows us to catch problems before they can become more serious (and hard to treat). Companion Animal Hospital Kenosha houses a full on-site testing laboratory and digital X-ray machine to provide thorough, timely care for every patient. Pets can't tell us when they’re feeling unwell. Therefore, it's important to have diagnostics available that can give us the information we need.

Using Our In-House Lab

Our veterinarians and technicians have extensive training and experience with our in-house lab equipment. Running blood tests on site gives us an advantage when patients with urgent illnesses or other concerns come to see us. We can work quickly and get test results within the hour to make the most accurate diagnosis and find a helpful treatment.

Along with diagnosing sick pets, our equipment also allows us to screen healthy pets for disease, parasites, and other conditions.

We Can Send Tests Out, Too

When time is on our side and our healthy patients need a comprehensive health profile, we're happy to send blood work to outside labs for a full analysis.

Pet Diagnostics in Kenosha: Vet Examines Cat

Everyone is always so friendly and compassionate. They always put us at ease and have such a great way of handling our little cairn. They're always able to squeeze us in last minute. We cannot say enough good things and are so thankful to have a vet that really cares!!
- Kaity K.

In-Depth Pet Exams with Digital X-Ray

X-ray imaging is a trusty tool that allows us to view your pet’s bones and internal organs without being invasive. Our digital X-ray machine has the added benefit of:

  • Requiring little preparation—no need to load film trays or waste time developing images
  • Producing higher-quality images for us to review
  • Reducing the time needed for your pet to be handled and positioned
  • Reducing or eliminating the need for sedation
  • Allowing us to email X-rays to other hospitals or specialists

If we suspect that your pet has skeletal issues, a foreign body, or heart problems, we will likely recommend X-rays to help us diagnose.

Pet Diagnostics in Kenosha: Vet Carrying Puppy

Our Pet Diagnostic Procedures are Safe

Our team members have received ample training with our testing tools and imaging equipment. Additionally, they follow best practices for maximum safety. We try to avoid sedation whenever possible unless it can help reduce stress in certain patients and lessen the time it takes to get results. Keeping pets comfortable and relaxed during their procedure is important.

Schedule your pet’s blood work or X-ray appointment by calling (262) 652-4266.