Pet Dermatology: Solving Cat and Dog Allergies in Kenosha, WI

What do mange, atopy, ringworm, flea allergy dermatitis, and dandruff all have in common? They’re skin conditions known to plague our pets and proof that dermatology is not just for people! In fact, skin issues are very prevalent in pets regardless of their age, breed, size, and species. Therefore, Companion Animal Hospital Kenosha offers a wide range of pet dermatology services to help diagnose and treat these irritating problems. Itchiness is usually a telltale sign of a skin condition, so if you notice your pet scratching away, be sure to let us know! Our team will help you find a solution.

Cat and Dog Allergies in Kenosha: Owner Pets Puppy
Pet Allergies and Dermatology Kenosha: Children Sleep on Rug With Puppy

Additional Pet Allergy Symptoms

Along with itching, other signs that your pet may have an allergy include:

  • Sneezing
  • Runny eyes and nose
  • Scratching and rubbing at the ears
  • Chewing and licking at the feet
  • Rubbing face against furniture
  • Bald patches
  • Bright red skin
  • Small bumps on the skin

What Makes Pets Allergic?

There are various allergens that can cause a reaction in pets. These may include:

  • Dander
  • Fleas/flea bites
  • Grass, mold, pollen, and dust mites
  • Certain chemicals
  • Ingredients in their food such as chicken, pork, beef, corn, fish, and dairy products

Pets can become allergic when their immune system has an unusually strong reaction to a certain allergen, such as pollen or grass. During an allergic reaction, their body releases histamines, a type of protein that causes itching of the skin.

Pet Allergies Can Escalate Quickly

Initial signs of an allergic reaction may include hives, bumps all over the skin, and facial swelling. The itching that results from allergies can cause pets to scratch and lick at themselves excessively, resulting in highly irritated, damaged skin that is prone to infection. Furthermore, this sustains the cycle of itching and scratching that led up to the infection in the first place. Secondary infection is a common side effect of allergies.

Dog Allergies in Kenosha: Puppy Wrapped in Towel

How We Can Help

Companion Animal Hospital Kenosha offers different diagnostic and treatment options for pets suffering with allergies. To effectively treat your pet, we need to know exactly what type of allergy they have. Once we do, we can select a treatment plan that aligns with your pet’s lifestyle and targets all of the issues they are experiencing. Along with treating the allergy itself, we also need to help you manage your pet’s symptoms and any infections that have developed.

Some of our treatment options are:

  • Hypoallergenic food and treats
  • Medicated shampoo and conditioner
  • Topical sprays and ointments
  • Oral medication
  • Injectable medication

We’re here to provide your pet with much-needed relief. Please contact us at (262) 652-4266 so we can offer timely treatment.